Living in the past through better suing

If you were married 8 years ago and divorced 5 years later, what’s the surefire way to recoup your costs after the costly legal battle? Why, sue the wedding photographer, of course.

Todd Remis of New York is suing H&H Photographers for the sum of 48 thousand dollars. That sounds like a fairly large amount of money, especially considering Remis was charged 4100 dollars for wedding photography (to which, Remis claims that the last 15 minutes of the wedding were missed by the crew and only 2 hours of a promised 6 hour film were recorded). So, the extra money?

Remis wants the remaining amount in order to recreate the wedding and fly both him and his now ex-wife (who, mind you, has fallen off the grid somewhere in Eastern Europe) to New York so that it can be recorded by another photographer.

That doesn’t sound outlandish at all.