The McBournie Minute: Ashley Madison proves we’re all privacy hypocrites

We live in a future where privacy is not only rare, it’s openly mocked. We trust our personal data to corporations either voluntarily or unknowingly, and then we’re surprised when that information isn’t well-guarded or used responsibly. Getting hacked isn’t a good thing, but now it seems like it’s an eventuality.

That’s why almost everyone has reacted in the wrong way to the Ashley Madison hacking. Last week, hackers released information about tens of millions of the site’s customers. Their names, addresses, credit card numbers, email addresses and more are now out there for the world to see. People’s private information is out there for anyone to misuse.

So why are people so gleeful about it? Continue reading The McBournie Minute: Ashley Madison proves we’re all privacy hypocrites

Argintar thinks Batman was symbol of inspiration, is actually symbol of daaaaark vengeance

At least he didn't go with Sandusky BatmanRemember Matthew Argintar? The guy we told you about yesterday that thought it’d be great to dress up as Batman and parade around a Home Depot parking lot?

It’s now been revealed that he did so because he thought it’d be inspirational.

“… What I was doing was not seen the way I wanted it to be seen,” Argintar told The Express-Times this afternoon. “I understand it was (expletive) timing and everything. I get that.”

It probably would’ve been a lot more inspirational to hold a bake sale in the Home Depot parking lot. And potentially dress up as Batman while doing so. Bake Sale Batman would be awesome.

This Dark Knight won’t be rising anytime soon

Maybe that's what he was missing.Matthew Argintar isn’t vengeance. Matthew Argintar isn’t the night. Matthew Argintar is … not … BATMAN!

What Matthew Argintar is is under arrest for charges of disorderly conduct and possession of handcuffs.

This happens when Argintar decided to dress up as the caped crusader, sans cape, and patrol around a Home Depot parking lot. Some might say that his intentions were good, as he was asking customers if they needed help because he was here to “save the day.” Most would say that after the events of Aurora, Colorado, his intentions were ill-timed at best, but most probably stupid and idiotic. This resulted in the local law enforcement being called to the do it yourself superstore.

We’re not exactly saying that Argintar is a bad Batman. We’re just saying that he’s not a good Batman if he got arrested. And if his cape isn’t Norm Breyfogle-esque.