Customs agents find cobras in chip cans

Next they’ll send a cushion filled with actual farts.

It’s an old gag, and as classic as the whoopee cushion: one person hands a friend a can of nuts of chips, and when the friend opens it, a spring-loaded snake jumps out. Most of us would just brush it off as lame, someone in China thought, “What if?”

In California, a man has been arrested on smuggling charges after customs officials found three deadly king cobras packed into potato chip cans that were being shipped to his address from Hong Kong. Authorities allege that the man had been illegally importing endangered reptiles for months.

The Chinese are known to take practical jokes a little too seriously.

KFC wants you to eat nail polish

We don’t like shaming people these days, unless it’s shaming the shamers. And then there are some who shame the shamers of the shamers. But aside from that, Americans see shaming as bad. That’s why we can’t make fun of KFC’s newest offering.

In an announcement we are forced to assume is real, KFC has worked with McCormick to introduce a flavored nail polish. You can now paint your nails, and lick them for that secret blend of herbs and spices any time you want. We have to assume the nail polish has to dry first.

So let’s not make fun of people who bite their nails for now having a flavor to enjoy. Let’s not mock people who buy this, because wearing nail polish shouldn’t be a gender-specific thing. An otherwise toxic product that has fast food flavoring is officially the most American product, but it’s only being released in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong democracy protesters open hole into alternate universe where Kenny G matters

Based on Kenny G's ageless appearance, it's possible that he merely jumped in time from 1993 directly to the 2014 Hong Kong protests. Or he's an elf.
Based on Kenny G’s ageless appearance, it’s possible that he merely jumped in time from 1993 directly to the 2014 Hong Kong protests. Or he’s an elf.

The Guys support a lot of scientific ideas, but the existence of alternate universes based on the chaotic actions of the universe has not been one of them. However, the evidence in Hong Kong is stark and, frankly, conclusive: an alternative universe exists where Kenny G is still relevant, and it has intersected with our own.

If you haven’t noticed the change and believe that adult contemporary alto sax player Kenny G always was and remains relevant, let us tell you about our universe before students in Hong Kong protested in favor of freely nominating and electing their own leaders.

In our universe, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick — or, to his friends and people who survived the Cosby Cancellation Riots of the late 1990s, Kenny G — released two inexplicably, yet massively successful albums: Duotones in 1986 and Breathless (get it!?) in 1992. He was the Norah Jones of what musicologists would later term the Hootie Era, and then he gracefully disappeared.

But, in the intersecting alternative universe, Kenny G became a popular performer in China and recorded a song, “Going Home,” that is now the universally recognized audio cue for Chinese people to not necessarily go home, but stop staying in the venue playing it.

And, to make matters worse, neither side is entirely sure what his inter-dimensional presence at the protest means, but figuring it out is vitally important to both of them. Either he’s letting the protesters know that it’s time to clear the public square and go home, or he’s yet another Westerner trying to undo Chinese communism and, quite possibly, the fabric of space-time itself.

Whatever the case, we wish him all the success in the world. (Would you really miss this universe?)

China strangely 18 years behind the Titanic craze

Remember 1997? Remember Titanic? Remember the madness that ensued when the movie came out?

China apparently didn’t until just now.

A theme park is having a replica of the luxury ship built for all of its visitors to see. Just like the grandiose scale of the original, no expense will be spared for its construction, as the cost of creating the replica is estimated at 1 billion yuan, approximately 165 million dollars.

In case you’re worried that it will share the same fate as its namesake:

The replica will be docked permanently on a river, the South China Morning Post reported.

Pfft. Like that’s stopped anything before.

You Missed It: Back to work edition

You can always tell when it's Sweeps Week at C-SPAN.
You can always tell when it’s Sweeps Week at C-SPAN.

When you think about it, Columbus Day is pretty strange. Let’s leave out that Christopher Columbus may not have been the first European to set foot in the New World. We can even leave out that he really just found the Caribbean, and that the indigenous people gave syphilis to Europe. Let’s also leave out that the holiday was once the Italian equivalent of St. Patrick’s Day. Does anyone really have that day off? Does anyone know how we’re supposed to celebrate it? If you were busy getting ready for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone starring in the same movie this week, odds are you missed it.

What would Jesus defund?
Just hours before the U.S. was going to default on its loans for the first time in modern times, Congress decided it might be a good idea to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling, regardless of what they think about ensuring the health of the citizenry. Just after the vote in the House, where all the problems came from, a stenographer decided it was a good idea to rant into the microphone about Jesus versus the evil Freemasons. This is what happens when people work without pay for more than two weeks.

Destiny misses
Scientists announced this week that life on Earth almost ended in September and we didn’t even know it. Apparently, a big asteroid passed our favorite planet relatively closely, and the people who are supposed to be watching the skies for these kinds of things didn’t even know it existed. The good news is that the asteroid will be back in 2032, and scientists say it as a 1:63,000 chance to hitting us. So you may not want to wait on that bucket list.

‘Transformers: What Did the Five Fingers Say to the Face?’
Director Michael Bay, fresh off his Lone Ranger bomb, is shooting the next movie in the Transformers franchise. One the very first day of shooting, some guys, apparently high on something, harassed the crew, and eventually one tried to slap Bay, who ducked out of the way. Naturally, the incident was caught in slow-motion as a camera whipped around the pair a full 360 degrees. And buildings exploded.

MasterChugs Theater: ‘The Mighty Peking Man’

While Dino de Laurentiis was spending millions of Hollywood dollars on his lavish creation of King Kong, the Shaw Brothers of Hong Kong used spit, grit, baling wire and lots of stock film of terrified city dwellers pointing at the sky to bring you (cue major echo effect) The Mighty Peking Man!

Bad special effects, bad acting, bad script, cheap looking model set-ups, cheesy bloody special effects, sloppy continuity, mismatched color correction on the blue screen shots, the King Kong of Hong Kong … how could it go wrong?

Ha. Ha! HAHAHAHAHA! Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: ‘The Mighty Peking Man’

Wedding rings can also be found on the dollar menu

“I’m lovin’ it” now equals “I do.”

Starting January 1 of next year, the fast food empire will begin offering wedding receptions at four of Hong Kong’s 200 McDonald’s restaurants. The parties will accommodate up to 100 guests, who will be plied with party favors and Big Macs. An apple pie wedding cake will serve as the bride and groom’s first sweet taste of happily ever after.

Don’t expect a champagne toast, however. Since McDonald’s restaurants aren’t licensed to serve alcohol, well-wishers will have to content themselves with Triple Thick shakes instead. That is not an equal trade-off at all.

If it all seems a bit, well, tacky at first, upon reflection there’s something sort of sweet about it. After all, plenty of Americans get married by Elvis impersonators in Vegas. And who’s to say a McDonald’s can’t be as romantic as a ballroom at your local swanky hotel? Well, outside of a person with an ounce of tact or class.

And at a cost of the equivalent of just a few hundred U.S. dollars, it sure beats the price tag for most conventional weddings. And who doesn’t like a nice trade-off on quality for cost?

Bank error in your favor, collect $6 million

Oh sure, maybe your life isn’t going so hot right now, financially speaking, but for a few residents of Secret Pirate Island, in today’s economy, they can’t afford to not be millionaires.

A New Zealand couple were mistakenly given 10 million dollars by their bank. Apparently, it is now on like Donkey Kong. Help from Interpol, those dastardly international do-gooders, has been requested. It’s suspected that the couple have fled to Hong Kong with the money. That’ll buy a whole lot of chicken feet.

Comparatively speaking, it might be kind of fun to live that sort of life, always being on the run, buying yachts that lead to boat chases on the high seas, probably wearing sweet t-shirt/suit combinations.

They’re after our royalty!

Looking to get away from all the swine flu stories and gross overreaction by foreign governments —

(Killing all your pigs? Really, Egypt? And you, Hong Kong, boarding up a hotel so the guests can’t get out? It’s the flu.)

— Americans have returned their focus to what they really love: European royalty.

Yes, only 233 years after we told our own reigning monarch to go … govern himself, we’re caught up in the drama of an attempted car attack on the Dutch royal family on Queen Day. The driver, Karst Tates, had lost his job as a security guard and just turned in the key to the apartment he could no afford the rent for when he decided to ram the Queen with his Suzuki.

Now, we’re not saying he was justified, but maintaining a royal family with tax dollars — even a modest one — in an economic crisis? We’re not saying Tates was right, but we understand.

MasterChugs Theater: My kung-fu is crazier than yours

Have you been to the movies lately? It’s not too bad out there. I mean, I do despise a world where Paul Blart: Mall Cop out grosses Gran Torino. But then again, that could be because Gran Torino is an absolutely wonderful movie. Paul Blart? Not so much. Nonetheless, a lot of movies these days, while dramatic, lack one fairly crucial bit of storytelling.

Crazy kung-fu-ness.

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