Still not a full-service hotel

If you’re like me, you hate it when you get into bed and it’s cold. Also, you don’t like to wait a minute or two for the bed to warm up and get comfortable. Also, you are so big a fan of the Earth that you don’t want to use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to warm up the bed.

Holiday Inn in London hears you! They have implemented a new human bed warmer policy at a few of their hotels in the city. And by human bed warmer, we mean, someone climbs into bed and uses their body heat to get it to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. We can only assume the bed warmer then gets out of the bed, so you can’t ask any other favors.

All you have to do is get over the creepiness of enjoying a stranger’s body warmth.

Or you could just walk out of the building

Natural gas is the third most dangerous form of energy (nuclear is #1 and wind, which slices off 40,000 limbs a year in the U.S. alone, is #2). It can blow you up. The best part is, it gets pumped right into your house!

The same goes for hotel rooms but it’s important to be careful. Should someone call your hotel room and tell you there is a gas leak, so you need to smash a hole through a wall so that the man trapped in the next room can get out, this may not be a great idea. The same thing goes for if that person then tells you to take the toilet tank and throw it through the window. Additionally, you may want to be skeptical if they tell you to throw your mattress out the window and tell you to get ready to jump.

It just might be a prank.