So wrong it’s right

A few years ago, we told you that some bugs are doing it wrong.

Now, science is telling us that for the sake of evolution, maybe they’re doing it right. We’re not sure if this means that making fudge is the proper way for storks to drop babies down chimneys, but we do know one thing: the more godless hybrid abominations that are created through horrid elephant on (literally) minotaur copulation, the more demonic hellbeasts that we have to stop. Which may or may not be a good thing.

It’s here, it’s purple and green, get used to it!

Vegetables just got a little bit more disgusting interesting as the first new vegetable to hit store shelves in nearly a decade is making its debut in the U.K.

A cross between Brussels sprouts and curly kale, the new vegetable, called the flower sprout, is a small purple and green sprout with curly leaves. Brussels sprouts-yup, anything crossed with them is a definite winner with kids. Market test research, the scientists did not. It will be sold at Marks & Spencer grocery stores in Britain starting Monday-the first new veggie added to the roster since tenderstem broccoli came on the scene in 2002.

“Customers love our mini lemons and black apricots — we hope people will be just as excited about tasting a completely new vegetable. Both kale and Brussels sprouts are from the same species (Brassica oleracea) and are part of the same family called Brassicas or Crucifers. This means that their genetics are very similar even though their outward appearance is different,” he said.

This allows them to be cross-bred, creating a new hybrid species. The flower sprout’s taste is similar to that of the Brussels sprout, and it’s best served steamed or stir fried.

Read that last sentence again. Kids, now might be a good time to run for the hills.