Japan-land of the rising temperature

You think it’s hot here in the good ol’ US of A, especially in the northeast? Then don’t move to Japan. It’s really hot there, among all its usually quirky weird people oddities.

Sunday, twenty-two people died and fourteen were injured in water and mountain related activities, as people were trying to beat the heat with some fun. Some of those deaths include people suffering from heat stroke. Man, the land of the rising sun really loves killing old people. Three people in Saitama, and one each in Chiba, Nara, Hyogo prefectures died of heat stroke, or what authorities believed to be so. Apparently, that’s what happens when the mercury rises above 35C (95F) in a vast area of the country (which is still slightly cooler than my neck of the woods)

Fourteen people died in water related accidents, and among those injured, six were in water related accidents, and eight were involved in mountain accidents, including one 39-year-old man who was mauled by a bear in Yamanashi prefecture.

My advice to you people of Japan is this: shun that evil master, the sun, and stay inside. Avoid personal contact among people outside of your residence. It may be the only way to survive.

Way to finally join the show, Japan

Deer are a fearsome and deadly animal. Like the bear, they are a godless killing machine. They willingly jump in front of cars, kamikazing into the humans’ simple transportation vehicles. Well, Japan is finally deciding to fight back. Perhaps all that time spent building robots shaped like animals was simply spy work?

The Toyoka Hunting Meister Education School (enjoy long names much?) was established in order to teach a new crop of would-be hunters how to take down these ferocious beasts, with the ever-present problem of aging limiting veteran hunters and marksmen from taking down these creatures.

The school was set up in Hyogo prefecture due to repeated calls to action in the rural prefecture for dealing with extensive farm damage, somewhere in the range of $250 million. It’s really serious.

In one spot between Kyoto and Osaka, a railway network that once stopped for nothing has been overrun by nature’s beastly onslaught, with trains forced to a standstill as a menagerie of deer, boar and monkeys invade the tracks.

You hear that? The deer are conspiring with monkeys. They can use guns. I’m bringing a kevlar vest next time I want really fresh sushi.