‘Dilbert’ in Chile is weird

Women just don’t appreciate prop comedy — the greatest form of humor pioneered by legends like Carrot Top and Gallaghers I and II.

Office humor is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s easy to kill it in your office if you have more than “You guys are having way too much fun over there” in your set. (But, also, what a low bar, right?) And on the other, you can also easily find yourself in a meeting with HR, explaining like a drunk uncle that “everyone’s too PC these days, it was a joke.”

But, in Chile, it’s all about prop comedy, like giving a blow-up sex doll to the economy minister so that he can “stimulate it.”

Right? What’s not funny about an inflated economy that can burst at any second by f*cking around with it too much? Homeless people can laugh themselves warm next winter to that Swiftian-level wit.

Unfortunately, not everyone found it funny, especially women and including the president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. Businesswomen found it distasteful since they are commonly left out of such events unless serving as scantily-dressed booth babes. But, what do they know about funny, right? It’s a gross doll with a vulva-less vagina that can be loosely tied to “stimulus.” That’s the most brilliant joke invented since someone — most likely a man — first noticed that chickens sometimes cross roads.

In other news: Chilean members of Asexma have once again failed to export comedy.

English coast guard perform daring rescue of inflatable doll

Next time you’re in a boat, take a moment to appreciate that there are men and women willing to risk their lives to save your life. If an inflatable doll could talk, it would certainly give thanks.

Off the coast of Cornwall, England, a fisherman reported seeing an elderly person in the water, struggling to keep afloat in the rough seas. A coast guard helicopter and Royal Navy ship searched the waters, and located what appeared to be a person. They saved what they soon found was an inflatable sex doll, and just in time, as the doll seemed to have lost all its air and could have gone under at any time.

The doll was wearing pants and a shirt, because English sex toys are just classier than ours.