FBI labels what a juggalo is

According the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they are a gang. And as the friendly-faced representatives of said group, the Insane Clown Posse has decided to sue the FBI for including their fans on the list of gangs. Because somehow, that’s a logical response.

In other news, ICP still doesn’t know how the f*#@ a magnet works. Or what a giraffe is.

Great Ledger’s ghost!*

The ghost of Heath Ledger still refuses to move on.

While alive, he lingered around, making us watch horrible movies like 10 Things I Hate About You with our girlfriends (or A Knight’s Tale with our boyfriends).

In death, he haunted the Internet through creepy necrophiliac fans. Then he nightstalked his ex-girlfriend. (Sorry, Heath. If marriage ends at death, then dating ends at the pill coma.)

Now, he’s angling for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance as ICP in The Dark Knight. Look, it’s bad enough that Hollywood is dangling his reanimated corpse in front of us this summer, but rewarding zombie labor? They’re stealing our jobs (and accolades)!

*Bonus Headline: