Reptile hippie unhappy with snake hunt, Florida is shocked

Florida has a wee bit of an issue with pythons. We may have told you about that before.

In a move that probably shouldn’t surprise anyone, a species traitor reptile specialist in Florida isn’t too keen on the ongoing Python Challenge. The challenge is designed to aid the natural environment of Florida (the part that doesn’t include senior citizens, pre-zombies and Cuban pork sandwiches) by slowly but surely eradicating the invasive snakes, thus returning nature to its natural balance. Not only that, but it also pays the most successful hunter. See? Positive reinforcement!

But no, Dr. Kevin Wright thinks that feral mammals actually do more damage than the pythons and suggests that we should find ways to unearth their biology through economic means. Clearly he has no memory for the Great Snail Miami Tidal Wave of 2011. The fool. We can’t throw money at the problem to fix it, but we can throw bullets.

Nature continues with super pisces

Last year, I gave a quick glance at a movie called “Frankenfish.” It’s a fun little film but completely fictional. Little did I know that it would actually be a near-documentary.

About 10, maybe 15 years ago, I can remember hearing about snakeheads, an invasive predator that somehow made it into the DC-Maryland area ecosystem. Times have not changed the situation except for the worse. They’re now being found in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Nicknamed as frankenfish, seemingly because of their near patchwork make-up and their willingness to throw a young girl into a lake at a moment’s notice, these little monsters are on the loose … again.

  • They’re strong survivors
  • They’re resilient, ruthless and murderous
  • They have no fear of humans
  • They can adapt

It’s clear that we need to eradicate them. Who’s to say that after they’ve wiped out entire ecosystems, they don’t adapt and evolve legs? It’s a perfectly reasonable assumption to make. The best plan is to blow them all out of the water. If other animals get caught in that crossfire, more’s the better.