Vision problems not unusual in public bathing

Sukayu, one of the Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, has a slight problem: ladies are sick and tired of the guys taking glances at their pride and joy. This is an easy enough problem to fix, right? Just erect a wall, and hey, everything’s taken care of. No fuss, no muss, right?

The fuss is of epic proportions.

Sukayu has always been a mixed bath, meaning that the starers and the stare-ees bathe together. Additionally, by blocking the stares of pervs, they would be breaking a tradition ranging over 320 years old. Oh, the choices to make! Such choices!

Hey, Japan, here’s a little hint, free of charge: if this bath thing is 320 years old and still popular, it’s probably because these guys know they can get clean and sneak a peek at the same time. I’m just saying, is all.

Can’t think of a headline that would not sound a little racist

We all know Japan is quirky. Heck, one might even go so far as to call it “weird.” This blog has no idea what could have caused this, but it could be the radiation from the atomic bombs we dropped.

They love technology, they love cheap animation that all looks the same and they helped us not feel creepy about finding the school girl outfit rather hot. But even a country like that can go overboard. Recently, Japan named a cartoon character to an ambassador position.

Folks, this officially makes Japan the Britney Spears of nations. We need to make it get help.

Headline of the Day

There are many ways to die, but normally, one doesn’t think of groundskeeping machinery as a possible source of a dirt nap. Apparently it can come for even Buddhists.

Reverend Seiji Handa, a Buddhist monk from Japan, was in England trimming the grass around his peace pagoda when his tractor got away from him and he slipped under it. Don’t worry, folks, he’ll be reincarnated.

HKMMORPG, kekeke ^_^

For you technophobes out there that haven’t plugged into The Matrix an MMORPG, yet love anything crapped out by the Japanese: your days are numbered.

That’s right, Hello Kitty–that weird cat thing that tops every pencil sold in Tokyo–will go online. Anticipated quests include: topping pencils, erasing marks that they make and filing quizzes in your Trapper Keeper innards.

Seriously, does anyone know what this cat does? Is it a tentacle porn thing? It’s for kids, so probably.