Jimmy Buffett doesn’t spend much time in Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett, the living embodiment of baby boomers’ idea of a party, seems to have given up on his partying ways. But he still wants you to visit Margaritaville.

According to a recent profile of the guy who built a career off of a song about being drunk in a beach setting, the 71-year-old singer doesn’t really drink anymore. Basically, he’s too old and too busy touring and selling everything he can think to put “Margaritaville” on, to go hard like he used to. (The reason for the profile is his new musical on Broadway.) The timing of his cutting back seems fortuitous, since we’re about to have a tequila shortage.

But he’ll be happy to sell you whatever crap you want, or even let you live out your days in a Margaritaville retirement community.

Today’s attire: ‘protest casual’

Demonstrating precisely why they get paid half as much as their defense and intelligence counterparts, Israeli foreign ministry workers are protesting their low wages by dressing down in the work place.

Calling it “a strike,” the diplomatic employees have refused to wear a suit and tie to work. However, they still show up to work and perform work duties, only in jeans and flip-flops.*

The dispute has lasted six months now, but we only just noticed because Israel rarely engages in diplomacy nowadays.

*Fun Fact:
In some regions, flip-flops are called sandals, tongs, slippers or Buffett low-kickers.

MasterChugs Theater: ‘Club Dread’

Don't dread the clubImagine a frat party thrown by the kind of guys who never rushed a frat (due to prior theater and D&D commitments), and you’re halfway to embracing the ethos of Club Dread and its snarkitects, the Broken Lizard comedy troupe. Going the rest of the way depends on your taste for the sort of slack, salty, sporadically ingenious humor you might find at your local improv hole for half the cost of a movie ticket.

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