Sox and the education

Looks like the reach of Red Sox Nation has finally found it’s way onto college campuses. Bates College is offering a course on Red Sox Nation as part of their curriculum, and with only 15 seats per semester, needless to say it fills up pretty fast.

Now, were Sox fans upset about the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fiasco? As far as we’re concerned, IT NEVER HAPPENED. Were we upset about Jimmy Fallon representing us (I use that term very loosely) on the big screen? Fallon has his own level of Hell in our book. And the millions of documentaries, books and children’s books since 2004? Maybe a little bit too much. But a college course? Freaking sweet.

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a’gvnkldsf’aklhn (head hitting keyboard for not attending Bates)

First new Late Show failure coming up

It happens every time the annointed King of Late Night announces his retirement: the courtiers battle for the not-yet-vacant throne.  This post isn’t about that: we already know that Conan will be the new Leno king … but that is another story.

No, this is about the scurry to fill the other late night slots once the hosts shift around.  For every Craig Ferguson, there is an ill-fated Magic Johnson or Chevy Chase.  They’re the virgin sacrifice to the Safe Comedy Gods, getting some TV time for a week or less, then slaughtered to ensure a solid ten years of unchallenging celebrity jokes.

The first sacrifice has been announced: Jimmy Fallon will most likely take over Conan’s Late Show.  May the Gods be sated with his blood.