Put down the bottle when seeking a job

As it turns out, you shouldn’t drink during a job interview.

That’s exactly what science tells us. Even though it improves your vocabulary, American bosses look down on you when you order alcohol while being interviewed–in a dinner setting, that is. If you’re having your job interview in the office conference room and you order a drink, your potential employer may think you are needy. Model workers bring their own sauce with them.

Of course, if you offer them some hootch, it’s certain you’ll get in their good graces.

Age-old foes: safety vs. jobs

Republican Senators want to know: what will it take to get Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and President Barack Obama to reopen all U.S. offshore oil drilling sites. They are concerned about a 6-month moratorium on drilling that could mean lost oil jobs.

And they’re right: even though all offshore drilling safety has been overseen by the Mineral Management Service, an organization that is still under investigation for over 10 years of graft, we need to speed up safety inspections and put workers back on derricks.

Besides, this is about jobs. Every time there’s an accident, another oil job opens up!

Drink your way to employment

If you’re getting down about not having a job, you’re not alone. The recession is getting people down, so down that they head to a local drinking establishment to drown their sorrows. Well, one New York bar is trying to help out their customers, and not just by numbing their senses with alcohol.

O’Casey’s has set up an unemployment center in their pub. Now, you can go have a few, then start filling out job applications. Who wouldn’t want to hire you when you’re soused?

[via Consumerist]

That morning jolt

Ever been to a job fair? (Please, hold your applause. Thank you for that kind welcome back.) It’s a bunch of people walking around dressed in clothes nicer than they feel comfortable in, handing out resumes like candy.

From the potential employer’s standpoint, it is also a battle to get people’s attention. If they don’t come to your table, how can you hire them? You need an eye-catching gimmick. For the Lake County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department, that gimmick was free Tasering for volunteers.

About 30 high school students volunteered to be shocked with a Taser at a job fair because they wanted to feel what it was like. The deputy was suspended for a week.