Study: Horses judge you for your RBF

Horses are always watching and judging you, which means they truly are nags.

According to a recent study, horses are constantly studying your expressions, and will remember and judge you if you make an angry face around them. Scientists knew that horses could recognize facial expressions, but the fact that they can remember these expressions and base their future reactions to the makers of those expressions is new.

If you’ve ever wondered what a horse is thinking, now we know it’s, “You should smile more.”

UPDATE: Michael Phelps avoids drug charges

Richland (South Carolina) County Sheriff Leon Lott said that he will not press marijuana charges against Michael Phelps. The swimmer exonerated himself by not admitting that he was smoking marijuana in the picture.

This is a relief for Phelps, but he didn’t emerge from this unaffected. He gave this statement to the youth:

“For me, it’s all about recognizing that I used bad judgment and it’s a mistake I won’t make again. For young famous people especially — be careful about the decisions you make. One bad decision can really hurt your income and the companies you endorse.

OK, that’s a paraphrase, but when was the last time a single use of marijuana harmed a non-celebrity?

Barbie beatz Bratz, lawsuitz beatz dollz, salez beatz dollz

It’s like the perpetual Ro-sham-bo. The gist, summed up: there’s been a legal battle between Mattel and MGA over copyright violation and breach of contract over the Bratz dolls, originally developed by Carter Bryant while working at Mattel. Judgment has been made, and if left to stand, means that MGA has to stop making all Bratz products after the end of the year.

So, what’s a Bratz doll? Simply put, it’s a doll that feels that noses are facial deformities. They’re like pouty-lipped, apathetic looking emo girls, but made trendy and in high heels. Think of them like little plastic strumpets. Strumpets that will eat your soul.

But are they gone for good? With their vast, predatory eyes? Perhaps, perhaps not. A few thoughts after the cut. Continue reading Barbie beatz Bratz, lawsuitz beatz dollz, salez beatz dollz