No more sax on the bus for one kid

A strong and righteous blow was struck in the war against smooth jazz! Pre-teen Andrew DiMarzio has decided to go into the vaunted career of saxophone player, already deciding to give up on helping the economy as an adult. As many current parents and young adults know, public schools are becoming more and more crowded.

Wherein lies the problem.

The case for DiMarzio’s saxophone is quite large and becomes a safety issue when a school bus is at full capacity. As such, the bus company that is used has banned the case. No word was mentioned about whether DiMarzio plays on the bus for spare change.

He was so discouraged. He wanted to give it up and that’s a crime,” she said.

Wellllll, technically no.

Noted leader of the Smooth Jazz Movement, Kenny G, could not be reached for comment, but many easy-going notes were heard in his place.