Eat My Sports: There’s only one Febtober

Everyone remembers the unforgettable “Celebrity Jeopardy” performances on SNL. There’s a “sword” comment one way or another in any conversation involving Sean Connery, it’s undeniable. My personal favorite was the skit where “Months That End In ‘tober'” is answered with a buzz and on cue “FEBTOBER!!!” delivered by Darell Hammond as the bearded Connery. Some of you may remember me starting writing about the 2009 MLB season way back in early February, and that got me thinking…

Febtober is the perfect way to describe a truly avid baseball fan’s passion for watching every pitch, agonizing over every box score, and blowing every loss out of proportion. While the casual sports’ fans were watching the NFL draft, we were watching pitch counts. When you were watching the Los Angeles Kobes, we were scrutinizing slugging percentages. And while you were debating whether Rafael Nadal would look better with a shorter haircut, we were debating whether or not Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay would make the better late season pitching acquisition. Continue reading Eat My Sports: There’s only one Febtober

Eat My Sports: Now, more than ever

If any of you out there had grown soft over the New York Yankees because they didn’t make the playoffs this past year, or because Darth Vader Al Davis George Steinbrenner had finally stepped down from the day-to-day operations of the team, then the past few weeks should have been a swift reminder as to why you should hate the New York Yankees.

Most people think I’m just a bitter Red Sox fan moaning over the fact that my boys weren’t able to land prized free agent Mark Teixeira. They could not be further from the truth. I never understood why Theo Epstein wanted Tex to begin with. We were already loaded with an All-Star infield, and were in no need of a first baseman, especially with Kevin Youkilis emerging as one of the game’s premier players. There was no room or need for Teixeira, or another $180 million on the books. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Now, more than ever