Kraft Mac and Cheese gives Internet moms the blues

Mm, real cheesy goodness that you can cook on either a stove-top range or in a spoon for intravenous consumption.
Mm, real cheesy goodness that you can cook either on a stove-top range or in a spoon for intravenous consumption.

Two very courageous mommy bloggers are taking on Big Macaroni. (We’d abbreviate that to “Big Mac,” but The Guys blew our legal services budget on whole grain alcohol.)

The authors, one of which writes a blog called “100 Days of Real Food,” posted a petition on to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese — a product containing powdered cheese and 35 percent of your daily sodium — more “real” by taking out food dyes Yellow #5 and #6.

Meanwhile, at the grocery store: rows of actual cheese and pasta remain unsold.

This is business news my liver could love

Kirin is not one of my favorite beers. It’s not too dry and it’s not too dark, and while it’s not the perfect amber that I usually order, it still gets the job done. I tend to prefer my beer a bit heavier, along the lines of Killian’s or a Sam Adams (Summer Ale FTW) but it’ll do in a pinch. I’m also not too particularly fond of Suntory whiskey, though I admit that I rarely get a chance to partake in mainly due to it’s not exactly something that every liquor store carries in stock either. God knows mine doesn’t.

But, maybe that’ll soon change.

It was announced recently that Kirin and Suntory have begun talks, hoping to merge the two companies and form the fifth largest food company in the world, which puts the company in league with the likes of Kraft and Pepsico Inc. How is that possible? Kirin actually owns a number of companies which distribute food and alcohol throughout Australia and Asia.

While the deal isn’t solid yet, Kirin is already working with Suntory by expanding distribution and procurement. This means that you’ll probably be seeing more of that Japanese whiskey making it’s way stateside in the future. Maybe. Hopefully.