Flying really stings

We spend millions on airport security, and things still happen. It’s no secret that there are gaps in our security, and the animals know this.

That’s probably why they snuck a scorpion on to a flight in Los Angeles. Alaska Airlines flight 567 originated in Mexico, and was about to take off at LAX bound for Oregon, when a scorpion stung a passenger. The incident cause the flight to head back to the gate so that the woman could get medical treatment.

She lived, but untold numbers of people’s days were messed up as a result. You win this time, scorpion.

Snails: the latest biochem weapon

Just to be safe, we know not to respond to emails from Nigerian princes. While, yes, being completely swindled out of all of your money is good way to revitalize the concept of Social Darwinism, ultimately, our race has too much pity to allow it to happen. Another thing you probably shouldn’t do: respond to the email if said prince from Nigeria contacts you about snails.

A crate of giant land snails were confiscated at LAX, having been sent from Nigeria. It was stated that their purpose was for consumption.

People, while we’re all for the elimination of animals, be smart about it. Said aforementioned snails are illegal in our country because they carry a disease harmful to us. Also, they’re disgusting. Luckily, government officials got it right this time by incinerating the pests. Gold stars for all!

Eating these Snickers bars will really make you become Batman

My parents recently got back from Europe, and when I went to visit them this past weekend, I was given oodles of strange and oddly worded candy-bars. This was a particular bit of joy for me because I find any bit of candy not found in the United States of America to be of high interest. I don’t think I’m the only person on this gigantic planet to have this specific character trait.

However, I don’t think it builds good relations to have Japanese people think that the American Snickers bar is nothing more than a chocolate-covered bar of meth.

Customs agents at LAX apparently feel the same way.