Swedish doctor to be fired over opening mouth and saying “ahhhh”

Oh, Internet. How we love thee. We give you our slack-jawed attention and you use give us the warm and radioactive heat that we so desperately crave. So, what have you given us other than that today? What’s that? Another sex scandal? Why it wouldn’t be a day at SeriouslyGuys without a sex scandal, after all!

So, the four of us at SG went to college together, and while our school did not have a medical school (heck, I’ve got family members that nearly blew up the science building), we thought they would have taught this in medical school, but I suppose bears repeating nonetheless—just because a patient gets a ha thoroughly enjoys someone during an examination, that doesn’t mean the doctor is allowed to give him a b settle the matter personally. Even in Sweden. Heck, you probably shouldn’t even be giving prostate exams until at least the third date! I mean, do you want the AMA to be spreading rumors about you?