Spider tricks man into setting car on fire

This also took care of any nearby ants.
This also took care of any nearby ants.

Flames are generally the best way to eliminate any animal threat on land, but the smartest of our beastly enemies can use this information against us. Such a thing happened in Michigan.

According to reports, a spider sat on a car’s gas cap and waited until the owner needed to refuel. When the driver discovered the spider at a gas station, he used his lighter to kill the spider, and fell right into the arachnid’s trap. A fire erupted at the fuel pump, causing damage to the man’s car and the station itself. Luckily, it was put out before causing an explosion.

We may never know whether he got that spider.

Burning, running and screaming: not ‘subduded’

In our continuing series of telling authority figures how to do their jobs, we now turn our sights onto the men and women who put on badges and protect us every day. Sometimes, they protect us from bad people, and sometimes, those bad people are ourselves.

But sometimes, they’re the police.

Forgetting how cars and gas grills work, police in Australia tased a man who had doused himself in gasoline and was carrying a cigarette lighter. The police successfully subdued him, and by “subdue,” we mean ignite his gasoline, setting him ablaze.

We can only expect this method to become standard, in the vein of forcing smoking kids to smoke entire packs of cigarettes and burning rental cars so that they can’t catch on fire.