British continue tradition of drunkenly acquiring land

In 1620, a group of British religious zealots decided to set up shop on Cape Cod because they were running out of beer. It wasn’t the first time booze was involved in land acquisition, and it wouldn’t be the last. In fact, it just happened.

A British man posted on Reddit last week asking if anyone knew the location of a seemingly random parcel of land in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was asking about it, after being told by his friends that he had gotten drunk and bought the land. It was part of his brilliant plan to post a sign with his friend’s face on the land, so that it would show up on Google Maps one day, which sounds exactly like a plan one would make if they were drunk.

Also, being drunk helps make living in Little Rock more attractive.

Who would’ve thought that freshwater was bad?

  • Water parks: Their value is middling at best. Sure, they may be a strong source of relief from the heat, but there’s just SO MUCH PEE in the water.
  • Freshwater: It’s not good. There’s a reason why so much emphasis is put on filtering water before you consume it, and that reason is that everything in freshwater (and even salt water) is designed to make you at least feel bad.