FBI labels what a juggalo is

According the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they are a gang. And as the friendly-faced representatives of said group, the Insane Clown Posse has decided to sue the FBI for including their fans on the list of gangs. Because somehow, that’s a logical response.

In other news, ICP still doesn’t know how the f*#@ a magnet works. Or what a giraffe is.

Here’s another weapon for you

Magnets are proof that there is magic in the world, there is just no other way to explain how they work. God gave us these things that stick to metal so now we can hang our pretty drawings on the refrigerator. But people in Miami have figured out how to turn them into a weapon. (The magnets, not the pretty drawings.)

“Wildlife managers” in Florida are using the mangets to mess with crocodiles. In particular, to keep them away from neighborhoods. This is excellent news, because it means we can keep our homes safe from one more threat posed by the area. Now if only we could figure out a way to deal with Swamp Thing.

The story isn’t all good, though. It seems authorities in Florida have a nasty habit of looking the other way when they take a croc into custody. Rather than making him into a new pair of boots, they drive the croc out to a new swamp and set them free. Folks, catch-and-release doesn’t work for terrorists, and it sure as hell doesn’t work for animals.