[Cue line from Stifler here]

Canada. It’s a country normally known for being fairly polite and nice. Sure, the stereotype is that, despite the abundance of hockey goons, they tend to be well-mannered, which is not a bad thing to type-cast as. Except Canadians are actually a bunch of jerks. And in no surprise, their humor tends to be about a decade behind.

For example, see a junior high school in Grand Marais, Manitoba.

Multiple teenagers are alleging that an adult chaperone tricked them into eating poop. Specifically moose poop. While on a field trip, the man fooled two incredibly dumb kids, telling them that the fecal moose matter was not only just a mixture of wild grass and berries, but also nutritious.

When asked, the man said “Tastes, *snicker* tastes awfully nutty, eh? *snort*”

Is there a lack of miners or something?

Canada has vast natural resources. So much of the untouched wilderness is ripe with minerals, all they need to be is mined. But sadly, the country’s only marijuana mine is in danger of being closed, a potential victim of the recession.

For nearly ten years, a mine in Manitoba, buried under the tundra, has been serving as the country’s only legal marijuana farm. Why? That is not exactly clear, but it’s for medicinal use, of course. The problem is that the farm just isn’t producing enough weed to stay in business. Demand is simply too high–heh.

In other news, a secret, government-run, subterranean marijuana mine sounds like it is just begging to be used in a movie. Someone call Michael Bay.