Bear lives it up in hot tub drinking margaritas

Despite all the songs, shows and movies promoting it, living in California sounds pretty awful. You’ve got droughts, wildfires, earthquakes and Sacramento. And now you have bears stealing your booze.

A Southern California couple was relaxing with some margaritas in the pair’s backyard hot tub, when there was a bustling in the hedges. They were able to retreat into the house before a large bear came out and took over their party. The bear hopped into the hot tub, then knocked over the margaritas and licked them up. Not cool, bear. Not cool.

Of course, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department claims to have searched for the bear but was unable to find it. Bet they would have searched harder if it was a black bear.

I’d like to buy a vow–bleargh!

In a recent interview with Dan Le Batard on ESPN2 (which often fills their “sports” content with spelling contests and Skip Bayless), Pat Sajak admitted that he and co-host Vanna White were often spinning under the influence in early episodes of Wheel of Fortune. The pair would take two-and-a-half hour lunches at a Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, and consume anywhere from “two or three or six” margaritas before taping the last episodes of the day.

Sajak joked that they would “have trouble recognizing the alphabet,” which probably explains why the show eventually switched to touchscreen letters for Vanna.