Science: Men really do have worse cold, flu symptoms

Maybe not the most positive image.

We all have social media these days, which means we all know that people we haven’t physically talked to in five years like to post stuff attacking a group of people they’re not a part of. Women who hate their husbands love to post memes about how men are pussies when they get a cold. Science says you’re wrong, ladies.

A new study has found that when men complain about cold or flu symptoms, it could be because they actually feel the effects more than women. That’s right, the popular “man flu” meme is crap because men’s immune systems leave them at greater risk for serious systems and even death.

And you know what else makes a cold worse for men? When you won’t just leave us alone.

USAF makes droning monotony of droning somehow dronier

The USAF could at least try to make drone operators feel better with memes like: "I don't see color; I kill all infrared people."
The USAF could at least try to make drone operators feel better with memes like: “I don’t see color; I kill all infrared people.”

The U.S. Air Force just ain’t what it used to be. Sure, they still throw devil-may-care men and women into supersonic death machines that cost more than some European countries. But, they don’t wear scarves anymore. Also, most of their daily operations in exotic combat zones are now conducted using drones operated from places like New Mexico, which is not nearly as exciting as Breaking Bad made it look.

The worst part about droning is the droning, detached nature of it. Drone operators experience all of the agonies of war (including similar PTSD rates as their pilot counterparts), only without the exhilaration of flight, pee breaks or chance for promotion or even recognition. And that’s despite killing more Al Qaeda Number Twos than introducing non-crumbly cheese into the Middle Eastern diet.

Fortunately, the USAF has a plan! That plan is memes. Terrible memes with a dad’s understanding of what the original content actually meant. Because trying to speak to younger people in their own language always works best. Right, dudes?

Baguetting might be the cause of rising food prices

Tumblr has long billed itself as a blogging platform that’s more adaptable than a traditional blog platform, but with keeping the same feel of a blog. However, it’s really just a mash-up of traditional blogs and Twitter used almost exclusively to host Internet memes. Tumblr sites seem to have the shelf life of tuna salad.

One of the newest photo memes out there is “baguetting.” This means taking a picture of a scene where an object or body part has been substituted for — say it with us — a baguette. This is a thing now, because George Takei, lord of the Internets, has taken part in it.

Starting 2013 off with a whimper, eh, Internet?