We’ve said it for years (on the inside)

And it's only been two weeks.For years, we’ve said over and over again that it’s not sex that screws up young people, it’s the relationships they get into to “make it right.”

Researchers at the University of Minnesota surveyed 1300 young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 “about their most recent sexual encounters, their self-esteem and their emotional well-being.” The overall status of people who listed their last experience as casual was no different than those in a committed relationship with their partner.

No different.

This makes perfect sense. Do you know how hard it is to convince the person your with that you’re not a total scumbag? For a casual hook-up, that masquerade only lasts for a night, which doesn’t count comatose hours. But, stretch that act out over time, and by the end of three months, you don’t know who you are anymore. All that method acting has left you more confused and self-loathing than Robert Downey, Jr. at the end of Tropic Thunder.

So, keep it casual. Your brain will thank you.