Florida continues to up the wackiness, this time with space

You may have heard about the meteor shower that happened over Russia recently. A lot of attention was brought to the area thanks to the damage it created just on the offhand. Florida, being the petulant child state that it is, decided it could up the ante and needs attention, too.

This past weekend in Broward County, a single meteor streaked through the night sky. Now, that’s fairly tame for the most part, but even more so when compared to the shower of meteors that happened just two days ago. So why did it gain news?

Because it has been declared a fireball, something that sounds a lot more exciting than a single meteor. Nice try Florida, but we’re onto your attempts at doctoring up the news. You can’t fool a fool.


…..that may not have come out like we wanted it to.

Welche erstaunlichen Energien er hat

Recently, a German teenager was hit by a meteorite. Despite what you may think, the sky is not falling, though Michael Bay may have been passing through town that day; however, we’re not out of the clear, as there’re still a few things to take into consideration.

  • Best case scenario: The boy is now infused with powers and decides to help and aid humanity.
  • Bad case scenario: The boy is infused with powers. Unfortunately, being a teenager, he knows not of right from wrong, and as such, he crushes the planet beneath his boot-heel.
  • Worst case scenario: The boy is infused with powers … and is a Nazi. Not only does this article get Godwin’d, but he decides to crush all the unclean for the master race. We’re boned.
  • Worstest case scenario: The boy is infused with powers and becomes Meteor Man. As in, the Robert Townsend movie Meteor Man. We are all super-boned.