Missing white girl’s lung tissue newest disease to hit Thailand

1 + 2 + 3 +4 = solution

1. Jill St. Onge went to Thailand.

2. Jill St. Onge died while on vacation in Thailand.

3. Jill St. Onge died of lung congestion.

4. Some of Jill St. Onge’s lung tissue is now completely and totally gone.

Solution: Jill St. Onge has the Andromeda Strain and Thailand is totally crazy.

How To: Avoid science

We lost one of the giants this week. Aside from President-elect Barack Obama’s grandmother, author Michael Crichton died this week. We all know who he is, so stop pretending. Crichton brought us books like “Jurassic Park,” “Sphere,” “The Andromeda Strain,” the television series ER and even movies like Twister, Congo, and That Forgettable One With Paul Walker in Medieval France–some of which were based on his books. (Check with Chugs for the movies he directed in the 1970s.)

Crichton was a modern day Mary Shelly, except a dude and nearly seven feet tall. He was like Shelly, in that he taught us that science is a really, really horrible thing. We should never trust it, we should always question it because one day it will get us all killed. Oh, and global warming is like eugenics. With that in mind, we bring you how to avoid science. Continue reading How To: Avoid science