Eat My Sports: Some serious predictions

The end of the baseball regular season is here, and all most of us can think is, “Finally!” I love baseball season, but this year’s gauntlet dragged me from late March to late September, so this year felt particularly long. It felt much longer because the Red Sox never really hit a stretch where they played exceptionally well for an extended period of time, they were just consistent. Next thing I know, I look at the standings and we were a 95-win Wild Card team. To put that in perspective, 95 wins equals winning your division, all your playoff games and going undefeated the following Spring Training for the NL West. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Some serious predictions

Eat My Sports: You can’t spell ‘trade bust’ without CC Sabathia

Have any of you ever watched LOST? If you have, you know that each season has it’s bust episode. The one where the previous week had a preview that looked so good that you actually thought you had a reason to believe SOMETHING might be explained. Or, at least have the juiciest episode of the season (i.e. the possibility of Claire and Kate making out). Then, you watch the episode, and nothing. No island explanation, no Claire and Kate making out, no awkward man hugs between Sawyer and Jack, nothing. Why? because there was no substance to it and everything you thought was going to be going into the episode ended up being nothing more than commercial filler. Welcome to the CC “Music Factory” Sabathia trade to the Milwaukee Brewers! Continue reading Eat My Sports: You can’t spell ‘trade bust’ without CC Sabathia