Ask Dr. Snee: The Olympic ideal of health

Oh, hello, online patients. I hope you didn’t eat all of the copies of Highlights in the waiting room since the last edition of Ask Dr. Snee. I’m taking a break from watching the Olympics — and totally not hiding from malpractice suits (whaaaat.) — in Rio, so I figured that I’d answer some of the letters my attorney forwarded me.

What is cupping, why is Michael Phelps doing it, and why won’t my doctor recommend it?
— In Pain in Pawtucket

U.S. Olympic swimming Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, bears the unmistakable marks of losing a fight with the Kylie Jenner challenge.
U.S. Olympic swimming Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, bears the unmistakable marks of losing a fight with the Kylie Jenner challenge.

“Cupping” is the ancient Egyptian word for “keeping your massage parlor ahead of the competition.” Basically, you take the existing massage treatment — rubbing you until you’re either too embarrassed or ejaculate your problems away — and then multiply it by 72, the mystical number of virgins awaiting hucksters in heaven.  Continue reading Ask Dr. Snee: The Olympic ideal of health

Warrior of the Week: Barbara Glaff

It’s taken quite a bit of time, but we’ve done it. We finally managed to counter our enemies some: the bats are eating the mosquitoes (warning: autoplay).

In the Jupiter Farms area of Florida, mosquitoes have typically been a major threat to the good people of the land. But no longer: Barbara Glaff has a plan. Glaff has installed a place for bats to live in. But they don’t live for free. No, they are our enemies, and as such they must earn their keep.

Their monthly rent is to eat the mosquitoes, technically their allies in the war against us. Genius! The bats have nearly eliminated the mosquitoes from the local ecosystem, thus making the land suitable for humans once more. Huzzah!

Bug spray won’t cut it in Florida this year

If you live in Florida, you may want to consider moving before the summer comes. We’re sure it’s a very nice place and all that, but it’s about to get flat-out terrifying.

It’s no secret that Florida is one big swamp, and that mosquitoes love swamps, so naturally, the bugs are all over the state. But now, according to this headline, scientists are expecting a “Large, aggressive mosquito.” It’s likely going to be from the Psorophora ciliata species, which sounds like something you shouldn’t google at work.

The article is short on details, and we don’t want to speculate, but it probably means that the state will be terrorized by a single mutant mosquito, roughly the size of a house, and the demeanor of grizzly bear.

Of course, if you want to hunt this mega-mosquito, we’ll write songs about you when you bring us its head.

Obama sends Americans into lions’ den

President Barack Obama is trying to push you out the door. Billed as the “America’s Great Outdoors” program, the initiative will “conserve cherished land and encourage Americans to enjoy the outdoors.”

Mr. President, with all due respect, but have you been outside? There’s mosquitoes out there. And bears. And no Playstation.

This all sounds like a ruse to get us outside while the President watches his stories instead of more Dora reruns.

Well, we hope we get kidnapped, just to teach you a lesson. Was your little Internet “me-time” worth it?