Because April rhymes with March much better than March

Not necessarily from the people who brought you Movember (or Rick Snee) and not necessarily in the same spirit as that or a playoff beard, get ready men that produce a sufficient amount of testosterone: the Million Mustache March is on!

For April. Because consonance is for suckers, it would seem.

Even though the march is designed to take place on the first of the month, there’s no word yet on whether it’s an April Fools prank. The event, spearheaded by the American Mustache Institute, is designed to help bring attention to and successfully “provide a $250 annual tax deduction for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies” by marching on D.C.

Luckily enough, we have a guy in the area to provide a report on it: one Bryan McBournie. Better get working on that porn ‘stache so that you can blend in incognito-like.

Take it from Snee: A few more things

As I established last “lightning round,” there are certain thoughts I have that don’t really make an entire Take it from Snee. They’re just ideas I save up from stories I read and, when the week’s particularly slow, I just ejaculate them into one gonzo post.

So, enjoy my brain ejaculations.

I promise to avoid your hair and those pants that are dry clean only. But you’re on your own for your eyes. You don’t like this? Keep ’em shut. Continue reading Take it from Snee: A few more things

Breaking news of the day

A Hispanic woman was nominated to the Supreme Court. California’s court upheld a ban on same-sex marriage.  GM may possibly go out of business this week. North Korea has been shooting off short-range missiles.

None of these headlines compare to the true hot news story: an Alaskan man is now the mustache-iest man in the world.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!