The NTPF? Splitters!

When the NAACP challenged the Tea Partiers to denounce racism in their ranks, little did they know that it would be nearly impossible for a splintered group of cells, united only by their general crankiness, to do so when there is no true central authority. (Or did they?)

The National Tea Party Federation has expelled the Tea Party Express from its ranks over a blog post by Express organizer Mark Williams.

The Tea Party Express has countered its expulsion by calling the Federation a silly organization with no authority “to decide who can or cannot participate in a national grass-roots movement.”

So, just to keep track:

“The only people the Tea Party Express hates more than the liberals are the f@#king National Tea Party Federation.

“And the Tea Party Populist People’s Front.

“And the Tea Party Express.

“What? We’re the Tea Party Express?

“Oh. I thought we were the Populist Front.

“Whatever happened to the Populist Front, Reg?

“He’s over there? SPLITTER!”