Pen mightier than sword but brain mightier than nail

We’ve all played the high-stakes game of Rock Paper Scissors. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beat paper. But for the longest time, nothing really beat a nail, and for good reason: they hurt a lot! There’s a good reason why it’s not unusual to see nail guns used in video games, as they shoot high-velocity projectiles that inflict this troubling little sensation called massive amounts of pain.

But that’s not how Dante Autullo rolls, son.

Autullo was minding his own business, toiling away in his workshop when a nail gun randomly shot off. It wasn’t until the next day did he discover that the gun had shot a 3 and a quarter inch nail into his brain. That’s not even something Johnny Knoxville and crew would do. Outside of feeling nauseous and having the slight issue of a nail in his head, Autullo had no problems at all. WOW.