Congress is too manly for its own good

Are you tired of Congress? Does it seem like they just won’t get the job done, no matter who we send there? Do you believe lawmakers are no longer willing to work together on the issues? Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., agrees with you, which is why he’s done with it all.

The problem with Congress today? They’ve got balls.

Yes, in an interview, Bayh said “testosterone poisoning” was part of a culture shift in Congress that has led to everyone hating everyone and picking sides. Well, that and reality television. Bayh also said “tribal” politics has led to our current situation. It is so bad that congressmen are organizing themselves into two groups, and every two years some people get voted out.

Old language dies hard

Coming Soon: The SG flash game, "Pelosi Gavel Rampage!"Members of the National Republican Congressional Committee showed their old-timey hands in a press release this week.

The congresspeople condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s thoughts about Afghanistan, stating that they “could only hope [Gen. Stanley A.] McCrystal is able to put her in her place” [emphasis ours].

This raises several questions:

1. What is Speaker Pelosi’s place? Is it to vote with Republicans? That wouldn’t make sense. Could it be back in California where she wouldn’t be the Speaker of the House anymore? Or would they be safer if she was in her kitchen?

2. Why does she need to go wherever her place is? Did she interrupt a man? Show a little too much spunk? Is it her “time of the month,” which is totally gross to think about?

3. Why can’t the Republican side of congress put her in “her place” themselves? Why do they need to bother the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan? Or is she too much woman for pansy-ass civilians to handle?

Welcome to debate via the Internet

Democratic House and Senate leaders are shocked–shocked–that people are shouting disruptively in Democrats’ town hall meetings concerning health care reform.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer have gone so far to call protestor’s efforts, including hanging a Maryland congressman in effigy, “un-American.”

Really? “Un-American?” We’re digging that term up again from the Iraq War?

This statement proves only one thing: Pelosi and her peers haven’t noticed that this is how Americans discuss important issues, whether it’s in O’Reilly’s studio or in the comments section of Daily Kos.

There are no civil dialogues, especially when political organizations, action groups and marketing departments can compose a slogan for you to shout. If you’re echoing the viewpoints of someone with questionable qualifications on television or radio without looking up the facts yourself, then there is nothing more American to date.