Ask Dr. Snee: Snowed in with your letters

Why, hello there, patient readers. Like everyone else in the DC area, I’ve been pretending to be snowed in by rain and two very wet inches of snow.

You know how they started naming winter storms this year? We called ours the Snowquester. Get it? Because people who live within 100 miles of the nation’s capitol only exist from one political event to another.

It's not like I'm going anywhere in this pretend snow car.
It’s not like I’m going anywhere in this pretend snow car.

So, while I try to remember that, essentially, man is good (even when they name everything with puns based on terms from Civics class), I figured I’d answer a few letters. As always, thanks for emailing instead of licking envelopes during the cold and flu season.  Continue reading Ask Dr. Snee: Snowed in with your letters

And you thought the 70s were hairy …

Gym rats: no matter how hard you work out, the world’s most dangerous exercise is long extinct. Having sex with Neanderthals and Denisovans made your ancestors stronger, so long as it didn’t kill them.

Unga bunga all night long

Buried deep within our genes is a desire to expand outward. Now, in this day and age, this desire can be expressed anywhere from cultural diversity to knowledge expansion. But 24,000 years ago, things were different.

Outward expansion for the Neanderthals may have been simply buggering the ancestors of modern man.

At least, that’s what some scientists are theorizing. Paleoanthropologist Milford Wolpoff and some of his colleagues are proposing that Neanderthals weren’t eliminated thanks to survival of the fittest, but were actually absorbed into modern man’s genetic race. Of course, considering that we’re known as modern man and not modern Neanderthal, this might not have been the strongest plan for expanding outward.

This is news that will definitely make the feminists that think men do nothing but do anything that’s out there jump for joy.