Wikileaks finally becomes useful

Fun fact: if you don’t assume every industrialized nation has a spy agency, then you’re a bit naïve.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting a Wikileaks revelation that Japan is indeed using an intelligence agency to spy and keep an eye on North Korea and China.

Apparently the intelligence agency has been in effect since 2008, moving slowly forward for fear of political repercussions. Also, because of the whole spy thing. According to the Japanese embassy, progress has also been slow because of a lack of “knowledge, experience, and assets/officers.” Again, also because of the whole spy thing. The agency is being modeled on the American CIA, the Australian Secret Intelligence, and Britain’s MI6. And once more, again, because of the whole spy thing.

One of the primary concerns for Japan was their lack of intelligence regarding the actions of Kim Jong-Il, and rightfully so. Between militaristic threats from the country and suspicious missile testing, Japan is justified in their worry.

What Wikileaks hasn’t revealed yet is just what the weapon cache that the spy ninjas are using. Because their spies are TOTALLY ninjas.

Take it from Snee: Shepard Fairey is a hack

This may surprise you, but when it comes to art, I am a snob. By snob, of course, I mean that I have an appreciation of it that far surpasses your fascination with painted light and the sad Bible-screwing that this “light” portrays.

(Seriously, folks: just read your Bible. Don’t take it home, fornicate with it and tell me all about it later. It’s disrespectful to the Bible and the lewd details upset my sensitive Crom-worshipping morals.)

So, as a hyperaware art snob, or psnob, a certain work of art has not escaped my attention. Yes, I mean the Obama “Hope” image by Shepard Fairey. I ignored it for most of the election, but now it’s being hailed as a masterpiece. Some people are actually converting their own pictures into the red-white-and-blue style.

When Facebook and Twitter accounts are being wantonly defaced, I cannot stand by as this piece of “art” becomes a phenomenon. Shepard Fairey is a hack … but it’s not his fault because his competition, the real street artist, is a mother#%king ninja. Continue reading Take it from Snee: Shepard Fairey is a hack