Nude beach rejected because it might scare animals

In Belgium is the land of waffles, and is also home to a growing nudist, or “naturist,” movement. Its numbers are swelling so much that nudist groups are seeking a second nude beach, because the first one is asses to elbows, literally.

But the Flemish Agency for Nature and Woodland has rejected a permit for a new nude beach permit over concern that it might scare away the wildlife. The Belgian government is worried that a local bird’s mating habitat might be affected by the sight of some naked humans, some of whom may be getting it on, and decide not to get it on themselves.

This should outrage every human. We as a species should be more important than any animal in the eyes of the law. If birds can do it in public, they should get over themselves when they see us do it, too.


Tom Willard, a deaf man, has accused the Empire Haven Nudist Park of failing to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Willard claims that Naturist Society refused to provide him with an interpreter for their annual nudist festival.

While we agree that Willard deserves to be heard (sorry), complaining you’re missing out on the music at a nudist festival sounds (sorry again) an awful lot like claiming to read the articles in Playboy.