Voodoo dolls are key to a happy workplace, study says

It’s Friday. You’re nearly through the work week. Are you exhausted? Has your boss been getting you down? Science says you need a voodoo doll.

According to a recent study of American and Canadian, having a voodoo doll of the boss can do wonders for morale around the office. Workers seemed to enjoy blowing off steam by symbolically punishing their bosses. Stabbing a fake boss was found to lower feelings of workplace injustice by one third.

So don’t steam over the latest work stress this weekend. Don’t drink until you finally feel free from the yoke of your office. Start sewing. You’ll feel better when you’re done.

Take it from Snee: Seriously business

If you work, then you’ve seen them: motivational posters. Like most propaganda, they use simple slogans and mind-searing images to raise your work level to Glorious Benefit for Behalf Father Company.

As a technical writer, I can’t help but notice that either:

A) Somebody didn’t realize what they were writing at the time.

B) Yes, they did.

C) Some combination of A and B where the powers that be noticed that an innocent slogan has a double-meaning, like eighth graders laughing at “penal code.”

So, let’s jump right in! Don’t forget to persevere through innovation outside the box on the way! Continue reading Take it from Snee: Seriously business

It’s like the plastic gun in ‘In the Line of Fire’

Most of us know that it is a bad idea to bring a firearm to work, unless we’re really mad at them and want to be taken seriously for once. As it turns out, it might be wise to leave a Lego gun at home, too. Oh, and don’t play Modern Warfare 2, either.

A Canadian man found that out the hard way. A “neighbour” whose apartment is near the man’s office saw the fake fun being waved around and heard gun shots, then called police. The SWAT team yelled at the man to come down the hallway with his hands behind his head.

“I was surrounded by about six SWAT guys armed with shotguns and assault rifles,” he said. “Once they confirmed I wasn’t packing any Lego heat, I walked backwards towards them, was then cuffed, pulled into the stairwell and thrown against the wall.”

You have allergies? Screw you!

USA Today has some startling news about the American workplace: more and more offices are becoming pet-friendly. Yes, some companies are allowing their employees to bring in their dogs to work. No wonder we’re in a recession, our workforce is too busy cleaning up poop to get anything done.

The clear danger here is that we’re letting our indentured animal servants into the office to see how we operate. You know that they will find a way to get information back to the animal high command about our operations, just like how one Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ slaves ran away and became a Union informant during the Civil War.

Great, now not only do we have to fear our coworkers coming in and shooting up the place, now we have to worry about their pets, too.

Making funerals fun again

Everyone will someday die, and as long as you stay dead, we are OK with it. However, that doesn’t mean that death isn’t part of life. Because it’s a part of life, it can sometimes get downright strange. Don’t think so?

In England, just as anywhere else in the world, sometimes your loved ones ask to be cremated. One crematorium has thought of solving their heating bill problems with something they do anyway. Still can’t guess it? They are going to heat the building using the heat from the burning bodies. That means the deceased’s final gift to his or her friends and family is the gift of warmth.

Back in the States, death can be fun here, too. In Arlington, Virginia there is a lot of growth going on. It sits right across the Potomac River from Washington. Office and apartment buildings are constantly being built because people want to move to this happening area. However, one apartment building offers a little bit more than any other: the first floor will feature a funeral home. Now, residents can mourn the deaths of their loved ones in a more convenient atmosphere. Because just because their life stops, doesn’t mean yours has to.