MasterChugs Theater: The Value of an Education

Some coworkers of mine and I get together every so often to have Bad Movie Night (henceforth known as BMN), an idea I first heard from Chris Taber some time ago on the Crankcast. To me, it’s a glorious concept: get some friends together, pop on some bad movies, crack open some beers and let rip on the film. Keep in mind that you won’t be watching The Godfather on BMN, but you just might watch The Godfather III. As long as the movie’s not one of those you’d find in the March Mort or Awful April categories, it can still be fun enough. And hey, you get to introduce people to movies they may not have seen!

How can it go wrong?

It can. Oh, it can. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: The Value of an Education

MasterChugs Theater: ‘Fast Five’

When Fast & Furious opened in April 2009 to a surprising $71 million and rescued the Fast/Furious franchise from the dead by reuniting the original cast, you just knew the studio and filmmakers would take a victory lap in the form of a fifth movie. But the amazing thing about Fast Five is that it plays less like a creatively bankrupt money-grab sequel, and more like a firing-on-all-cylinders first movie in an all-new franchise. Action junkies and car chase lovers, take note. The summer movie season is off to a start. Not necessarily a great start, but a good enough start. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: ‘Fast Five’

The Russians get all the good names

You know the game where you put a single bullet in a six-shooter and pull the trigger to see if you die? Yeah, that game is for pussies.

It’s way cooler now to do the same sort of thing, only with a car and a busy intersection. “Russian road roulette” is catching on in Bulgaria. All you do is bet on whether or not you can make it through a busy intersection running a red light, without hitting anyone else. There’s even side action for bystanders to bet on the outcome.

So now, not only can you bet with your life, but you can bet with some innocent driver’s, too!

I smell a Paul Walker movie!

MasterChugs Theater: So very speedy and angry

Trilogy is the current theme du jour of Hollywood these past 10 years or so. Understandable: by keeping a movie series in three, you can insure that an interested audience will come back to see the sequel, you can allow sequels to be open enough for new patrons and a skilled director can usually pare down the bad from the good, thus preventing the series from needing to run over and over into obscurity.

Hit the jump and allow me to educate you on the movie series that is both fast and furious. And yes, I can sum up all four movies in one review. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: So very speedy and angry

How To: Avoid science

We lost one of the giants this week. Aside from President-elect Barack Obama’s grandmother, author Michael Crichton died this week. We all know who he is, so stop pretending. Crichton brought us books like “Jurassic Park,” “Sphere,” “The Andromeda Strain,” the television series ER and even movies like Twister, Congo, and That Forgettable One With Paul Walker in Medieval France–some of which were based on his books. (Check with Chugs for the movies he directed in the 1970s.)

Crichton was a modern day Mary Shelly, except a dude and nearly seven feet tall. He was like Shelly, in that he taught us that science is a really, really horrible thing. We should never trust it, we should always question it because one day it will get us all killed. Oh, and global warming is like eugenics. With that in mind, we bring you how to avoid science. Continue reading How To: Avoid science