Put down those wings, pay attention

The Guys know you come to this site looking for our particular brand of comedy, but you know what’s not funny? Eating disorders.

Doctors are growing more concerned about Web sites that encourage anorexia and bulimia, and some of them are actually getting pulled off the Internet.

To make sure we stay online keep you healthy and reading, we will no longer joke about starving and/or vomiting. And, just so you know we’re being serious instead of sarcastic, we’re adding special punctuation to any statement that addresses these serious medical issues.

For instance:

You should eat at least three meals a day, with a proportional amount of each food group ; )

Puking after a big meal does not rock ; )

Food allergies are never an excuse, so eat the goddamn peanut butter ; )

So, just look for that punctuation to know that we care about you and want you to be as healthy as can be ; )