Syringe bird nests mark first positive of opioid epidemic

The opioid epidemic that is gutting communities throughout the U.S. doesn’t stop at the border. Canada is dealing with the crisis, too. There’s nothing funny about a crippling addition to opioids — well, maybe the constipation.

In any case, there’s a rare bit of light coming from, Vancouver, where authorities have found a bird’s nest made out of used syringes. The discovery was made in an unoccupied room of a seedy hotel in Vancouver’s opioid hotspot. A sink with dozens of syringes in it is home to three pigeon eggs.

Then again, if this leads to a boom in the pigeon population across North America, we’re all screwed.

Pigeon arrested trying to draw India, Pakistan into war

Pakistan and India aren’t the greatest of friends, in fact, things are quite tense between the two nations. So it should come as no surprise that the animals are taking advantage of this.

Indian authorities say they have arrested a pigeon that was found carrying a threatening message aimed at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The bird is being held for questioning, and Indian authorities have already blamed a Pakistani group for the message, but we know better. We know that pigeons can read. So it makes sense that they would use this ability to exploit friction between counties. If we’re busy fighting each other, we won’t be ready when the animals attack.

It’s pure genius. Now we know what we’re up against.