Today’s Internet weather report

The picture don't lie.Partly cloudy, with a high chance of a lot of Internet black holes. Unfortunately, the pipes and tubes will still somehow be clogged, but that might be able to be blamed more on the Internet Tube Pirates.

It would seem that the Internet is full of more than just porn and pictures of kittens. Scientists (say it with me: SCIENCE!), have created a program that searches for the little holes where your email just goes vanisheroonie. Why is this useful technology? One of the founding premises of the Internet was that it could route around holes, the idea being to make it less vulnerable to things like nuclear strikes. What this research shows is that even without nukes, there’s plenty of holes out there that the Internet already routes around. It’s amazing how anyone can connect anywhere, given how many gaps are out there, servers that just don’t pass on packets properly, etc.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have figured out if the Grid will keep the nuke-proof methodology either on or off it.