Truck spills booze, luckily it was only Fireball

Speaking of Fireball, who’s ready for a good truck spill story? We know Mr. Worldwide is.

In Arkansas, Interstate 40 was backed up because two trucks collided. One caught on fire, the other spilled a whole bunch of Fireball “whiskey” on the road. The westbound lanes of the highway were covered in miniature bottles of Fireball, which probably made the scene of the accident smell like a 13-year-old boy who just discovered Axe.

The drivers were not seriously injured, although many onlookers complained of a burning mouth.

Attack of the cloned pitbulls (and dinosaur relatives)

We all remember back in 1997, when the Scottish cloned Dolly, The Sheep That Will Send Us All Into A Moral Abyss. But since then, aside from a few cloned things here and there, we have been fairly safe in terms of force multipliers. No more.

An American woman had DNA from her pitbull dog Booger used to make a litter of clones in South Korea. Great, just what the world needs, more pitbulls. Only these pitbulls are super pitbulls because they are all identical and probably share the same thoughts through a psychic connection.

This is horrible news. As Bob Barker likes to remind us any time we sit down with him, there are way too many pets in the world as it is. They breed like vermin because they basically are, so who are we to decide which ones get to be copied and which ones eat out of the dumpster? We need to solve this problem by eliminating them all before they grow out of hand.

Speaking of multiplying, a rare lizard in New Zealand is still at it after 110 years. He is going to become a father. The geezer lizard did not like females for years until scientist found a tumor near his genitals and removed it. Now it seems he is back in action as an eligible bachelor. This species is rare and we need to keep it that way. Who wants an omlette?