Eat My Sports: Time to eat my medicine

So we’re officially past the halfway mark of the MLB season, to those of you who pay attention, it’s been a blur hasn’t it? We started this whole shebang back in April, and back then I also made some pretty big predictions, so let’s take a look at how much I actually know by grading my predictions from the Spring.

NL East
Predicted Winner: Atlanta Braves
Current Leader: Philadelphia Phillies
OK, so right now the above .500 Braves are six and a half games back of Philadelphia. This may sound weird, but out of all the teams in the putrid NL East, the Braves have played the most consistent ball. Philly can’t figure out how to win in Philly and the Mets are … the Mets, can’t change who you are, kid. I’m sticking with Atlanta winning this because of consistency.
Grade: B Continue reading Eat My Sports: Time to eat my medicine

Eat My Sports: The 42-year-old virgin

As sports fans we tend to overlook a lot of things with our teams, but more specifically, we tend to overlook certain players and how much they actually mean to us. I got thrown on this train of thought when it was announced that at the age of 42, Boston Red Sox knuckle baller Tim Wakefield would be making his first ever trip to an All-Star game.

I was geeked out when I found this out. Not only has Wakefield been outstanding this season, but he’s completely changed my perception as a coinflip as to whether the Sox would win or lose. But this made me look back at the 15 years Wakefield has been in Boston, and realize that regardless of anything aside from the Green Monster, Wake has been the one reliable part of any Red Sox season. Continue reading Eat My Sports: The 42-year-old virgin

Eat My Sports: Serious allegiance

In an effort to try and keep the sporting world active in my life, I actually paid attention to this weekend’s festivities in New Orleans for the NBA’s All-Star Game. I saw Dwight Howard visibly put basketball back on the map with one dunk. I watched as Lebron James continued his ascent into being not only the next, but better than Michael Jordan. I watched all of this and suddenly got very, very depressed. Where were my New York Knicks?

Aside from Nate Robinson winning the Slam Dunk Competition a few years back, I am in a free fall as a fan. I have nothing to look forward to. The NBA season starts, I have no hope, we get Larry Brown, and I have no hope because Isaiah Thomas has ruined my beloved franchise beyond a decade-long repair. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Serious allegiance