Take it from Snee: Pro- … nothing?

"Do I? And is that the same thing as making a choice?"
“Do I? And is that the same thing as ‘making a choice?'”

There are many ways to define yourself. You could do it by the decade into which you were born. Or which party you usually vote for. Or whether you prefer Coke or Pepsi. Or, as this past election proved, how you feel about abortion or women in general.

Before 1973, you might have been anti- or pro-abortion or, conversely, anti- or pro-forcing all pregnant women to deliver to term. Since Roe v. Wade, however, you’re generally either pro-life or pro-choice.

But, now that Planned Parenthood has experienced some of their toughest years for defending their funding, they’re getting rid of the pro-choice label to fight for … well, abortion … but, well, sometimes … Oh, hell. Let them just explain it with their video like we’re in health class all over again: Continue reading Take it from Snee: Pro- … nothing?

It was the breast of times, the worst of times

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a sad day in the news for boobs.

LifeWay Christian Resource stores, which are part of the Southern Baptist Convention and dot intersections in Alabama like Dunkin Donuts in Boston, have decided that no breasts are worth a single abortion. They will no longer sell pink bibles because a portion of the profits (God needs to get his beak wet, too) from those sales goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, who in turn help fund Planned Parenthood’s screening efforts.

While it’s understandable that Lifeway is against abortion — because breast milk makes tits so much bigger — this could spell the end of PP’s “Grope & Mope (over your dead fetus) Tuesday” specials.

But, then there’s today’s Headline of the Day, courtesy of ABC News: “Ta-Ta! Woman’s Body ‘Swallows’ Breast Implant.”

Have a beautiful and bouncy day!

Choosy scientists don’t choose Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry hasn’t had the best month. Oh sure, he can try to make himself out to be a media darling, but when your closest competition for the longest time was a stiff board, well, eventually people were going to begin putting him into perspective. This is not even including Perry attempting to get HPV vaccinations made mandatory while slashing the budgets of Planned Parenthood all across the state or a little documentary that has begun to call into question the decision-making skills of the guy.

Well, it’s not gonna get any easier here, Dicky-boy.

A large amount of scientists created a report on the current state of Galveston Bay, as asked by Rick Perry’s Administation. It was rumored that the report would have landmark consequences. We won’t know, though. Perry’s administration decided to remove mentions of climate change and sea-level rise from the report, which has led to a group of the scientists protesting the now edited report and asking to have their names removed from it under the grounds of scientific censorship.

And by group, I mean all 200 of the scientists related to the report.

“It is basically saying that the state of Texas doesn’t accept science results published in Science magazine,” Anderson said. “That’s going pretty far.”

Have nerds gotten wilier since the days of Ogre, or are Texas officials just dumber?