Walk like an Egyptian amputee

“Wiggle your big t — oh.”

So, this is pretty cool. Archaeologists found a 3,000-year-old fancy prosthetic big toe in the Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna tomb in Egypt back in 1997. After studying it, they found that it is remarkably advanced, being able to hold up body weight, flex and help the person it was fitted to walk relatively normally.

It also let the ancient one-percenter daughter of a priest continue wearing flip-flops, demonstrating the world’s oldest recorded case of #firstworldproblems. (Technically, this would be a #newkingdomproblem, amiright?)

So, good news if you need to fake your own ransom for money, time-travelling Bunny Lebowski.

Johnny 5’s fingers are alive!

Robots. It just seems that we can’t avoid them, no matter where we go. I mean, if they’re not trying to eat you, then they’re trying to arrest you. Why don’t you make something useful already!

Oh wait. What’s that? You say that the French are finally contributing to society and looking into how fingerprints can be coded into electronic transmissions? Well, that doesn’t sound useful at all. In fact, it seems quite useless. Way to go France! You’re back onto the pile of useless countries for me again, except now you’ve moved two points ahead of Luxembourg.

Wait a second. You say that these transmissions can eventually be adapted into sensors for prosthetics? Oh, and that these prosthetics could eventually lead to robotic hands and arms?

Oh, really now.

Prepare for eventual and literal iron grip, world!