No sex in the champagne room, nor anywhere else in the building

We live in what some might call a “hallowed age”. Technology is all around us. It’s in your camera. It’s in your phone. It’s in your portable music player. The Orwellian concept of “Big Brother is watching” isn’t so much untrue, as it’s more flipped around-we’re showing ourselves to everyone. With the dubbing of “WEB 2.0”, we’re everywhere that can see us. We’re showing our world to the world and having a blast doing so. Maybe that’s why apparent ignorance is so amusing.

A Manhattan strip club owner is “shocked”—shocked—to learn that his VIP rooms might have been used for more than just lap dances and claims (from the jail cell where he is being held on prostitution charges) that he runs one of the “cleanest” clubs in town. Oh sure, he trusts his strippers so much that he would never put cameras or anything such as that into his club, right? I mean, we can trust a lawyer that owns a strip club called “The Hot Lap Dance Club”, right?

But won’t somebody think of the children?

Recognizing that legal prostitution makes sex workers safer from violence, rape and STDs, South Africa has decided to lift the ban on the sex industry in their country … but only for one month, during the 2010 World Cup. Don’t worry, after all the hooligans tourists are gone they’ll go right back to making it dangerous and illegal. They do have their customer’s to think about, after all. I’m sure that there are many players happy about this as well.