39% of people have been drunk, naked in public

You can’t consider yourself an experienced drinker unless you know someone who has gotten naked in public, according to a new survey.

Some 39% of Americans said they have disrobed in public while drunk. That’s a little over one in three people. If that sounds high to you, just know that it is completely accurate for The Guys. (We’ll let you fantasize about which one it is.) The survey asked if people had ever gotten publicly naked, not if they often do, so one time counts. And those who said they had stripped said they had been drinking beer when it happened, so your whitty T-shirt sayings about tequila are false.

Also, only 9% had been arrested while drunk (The Guys are higher), 6% had set fires (way higher) and 3% had gotten a tattoo (accurate).

How does your group of friends match up?

It’s legal to be drunk and annoying in Indiana

It used to be a crime in Indiana to be drunk and annoying, but thankfully, the unjust law has been struck down.

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the part of the state’s intoxication law that deals with being drunk in public and annoying to those around you is too vague. Our hero is a man named Rodregus Morgan, who appealed his public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges. Apparently he was sleeping in a bus shelter, and when a cop woke him up, he became annoying in some way.

Aside from Indianapolis, which is a city in the scene that it has a football team (does that mean Buffalo is a city?), the state doesn’t have much. It’s good to see they finally have something.