The snakes seem to have won this time

It’s all over, folks. After a month of sloshing around and hacking at random branches, Florida’s 2013 Python Hunt has come to a close. You remember, the big event where just about anyone could go into the Everglades and kill as many Burmese pythons as they want?

According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, in all, only about 50 of the beasts were taken, even though there are thousands of them estimated to be slithering around and eating anything they can. It will provide a lot of data for scientists, but it sure seems like a disappointment.

The problem is that the program is flawed. Why limit it to just one month, especially during the time of year when it’s coldest and reptiles are typically less active? We need to make this a year-long event. Whoever turns in the most pythons by year’s end wins!

Senator to take B-movie action hero role in real life

If you’ve ever wondered, we’ll reveal it to you: the political affiliation of SeriouslyGuys is quasidemoderepubliraptorjesucratic. That said, if we ever move to Florida (shudder), then we resolve to always vote for Bill Nelson.

Bill Nelson, senator for Florida, began the process for banning pythons. Not one to just sit back and wait for legislation to take place, Nelson will take a very literal part in hunting the snakes down.

In a world, come Saturday, the Florida Everglades will see a little more congressional action, when Senator Bill Nelson joins a scientist and conservation employee to hunt down pythons. The invasive constrictors are opposing bills and he’s the veto-er: of their life.