Swedish town held hostage by huge rats

Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who don’t believe that we’re at war with the animals. They don’t like the idea that we’re locked in a battle for supremacy. We are literally battling for control of the world. And then the monsters come.

In Sweden, the residents of a town have been told to stay indoors because a pack of unusually large rats invaded. And by “unusually large” we mean the size of cats. The town of Sundsvall warned its residents to keep the doors and windows closed, and local schools held recess indoors because the monsters showed up.

These huge rats showed up because a new recycling center in town took away their habitat. Great, giant rats with a beef.

I can’t let you do that, Dave

Nobody likes growing old, right? I mean, it’s pretty bothersome, what with the adult diapers, lack of beneficial driving skill, eventual coming death and shrinking of height (hey, I’m already short enough as it is). Want to be able to cheat death and also be an abomination in the eyes of any god that’s not composed of metallic logic? Then you want to be robo-frankenstein!

Yes, “Gordon”, a “frankenrobot”, has been brought to life with living brain tissue. Most interestingly enough, the brain tissue comes from rats. Awesome! Not only does this eventually prolong our life, but it helps with our war against those insidious rodents! Even more so, Gordon has been described as looking akin to the recent summer smash hit “Wall-E“. It’s so cute that it couldn’t hurt us, right?

Oh yeah, that’s right-it’s composed of the brains of dead rats. That should be an innocuous enough fact, if it weren’t for the more relevant fact that we’re currently in the middle of a war with animals. They clearly wouldn’t want to take revenge on us with their cold, steel arms, would they? Survey says: yes they would. Even an AdrienneBarbeauxbot.